"Son of the Sun: The day when I began to draw Crovod"

This is an indie game made by one person, supported by his friends, family and loved ones. The game tries to go against what is considered normal in an already unfamiliar to you, the player environment. Despite the fact that the game looks like a point-and-click adventure, it is not just that. In practice, it is a combination of several styles of storytelling. The confusing environments are, as well, not just for the sake of being in the game just to confuse the player but instead they are used to tell a story about the main character and the world he escaped into. They were carefully crafted to demonstrate the process that is happening to the main character. 

This project does not involve any form of paid advertising.                           Everything is decided solely by our user audience liking, or not, the game and the word of mouth. 

That is why we suggest You visit the Greenlight page of the game and vote for it if the genre interests you or you just want to know more about:

Thank you for your time! 

Sincerely yours, Valdram